Wan log sex chat

10 May

It is midday Sunday and business is already booming in the bars of Wan Chai.In poorly written English, signboards outside Lockhart Road hostess bars welcome crewmen off the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz - just arrived in port to offload a few thousand sailors and marines.

Entering one of these bars, one soon understands the dimensions of Hong Kong's unregistered sex trade.The streets are full of frisky young men looking hip and civilian, aiming more for Snoop Doggie Dogg than spit and polish warrior. Trailing them are scores of attractive young women.In miniskirts and toting fake Gucci bags, they're stepping out in a dance that's been performed on this street since the 1950s.A report on the Wan Chai unregistered sex industry.Reproduced with the kind permission of the Sing Tao Newspaper Group.