Updating bashrc Sextop 3g

02 May

The 2 VOs having access to different resources, it's sometimes needed to get the right proxy (in particular for data access).

Also, this has an effect on the grid sites on which one can run, for instance, only the DESY-HH and IPNL sites are available to the CALICE users (in ILCDIRAC, and for the moment).

He has been working with Linux and Unix for over 10 years now and has recently published his first book; Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting Guide.

with a windows account, the format is like this: sudo vi /etc/bash.bashrc #proxy export http_proxy= [email protected]: PORT/ #export ftp_proxy= installed ubuntu inside my corporate network (and used a proxy server). I have graphically removed the proxy server address from the network settings dialog box and it doesn't change anything. I checked the bash.bashrc file and it has no mention of a proxy address in it, yet all repository updates go out through a proxy server that was encoded at install.Phpbrew environment is initialized, required directories are created under /Users/me/.phpbrew Paste the following line(s) to the end of your ~/.bashrc and start a new shell, phpbrew should be up and fully functional from there: source /Users/me/.phpbrew/bashrc To enable PHP version info in your shell prompt, please set PHPBREW_SET_PROMPT=1 in your `~/.bashrc` before you source `~/.phpbrew/bashrc` export PHPBREW_SET_PROMPT=1 To enable .phpbrewrc file searching, please export the following variable: export PHPBREW_RC_ENABLE=1 For further instructions, simply run `phpbrew` to see the help message. @jdrsqrd your issue seems related to #732, it's caused by the phar file, php 5.4 should be able to run the commands.the phar file generated by 5.4 seems not backward compatible anymore. and would not even accept the values being the applications own start scripts.After doing a bit of researched I learned a little bit more about what exactly these files do, the differences between them and when they are executed.