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22 Apr

Reason: Because Sticks was once again babbling on about strange things, that nobody else believed in, Knuckles was being…well Knuckles, and Amy and Sonic were arguing over who should decorate the Christmas tree.

Yep, Amy could be a bi Tails XZooey - Everybody Hurts Greetings, fellow Decepticons!

I have been doing a big fan fic project over the last year that is almost complete in my gallery is my Sonic The Hedgehog/Sword Art Online Crossover go read it if you like and tell me what you think! Basically, Eggman has accidentally brought Mephelis the Dark back to life after an accident in his lab, and the dark hedgehog soon takes over his lair and corrupts his robots and machines. Orobt and Cubot have to join Sonic, Tails and the rest of the heroes to save the world and stop Mephelis from destroying their world with his dark powers. Tails XZooey - Romance on Ice Tails XZooey – Romance on Ice By grimlock1997It was a cold, festive evening on Bygone Island, and all of the townspeople were doing what they were usually doing: Minding their own businesses and having fun in the snow.

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