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04 Apr

“For a lot of them, it’s their very first encounter in a romantic setting, so they may not know that it’s not healthy.”“This study strongly demonstrates that violence first experienced in adolescent relationships may become chronic, and that adolescent dating violence is an important risk factor for adult partner violence.”“From a primary prevention – or stopping it before it starts – standpoint, we want to be communicating healthy relationship messages to adolescents,” she added.READ MORE: Canada’s family violence rates are staggering, says new report The study is the first to demonstrate, in a U. national sample, that adolescent dating violence is related to a cycle of violence from teen to adulthood.

We’ve also provided a list of resources as well as a guide on how to start a conversation with your kids about abusive teen relationships.

We weren’t in a lonely room or a dark alleyway; we were standing right in front of my apartment door. I felt like I could see cheeks conforming to the pressure in slow motion as my head jerked back and forced me to come back to reality. I probably said something awful and I don’t even remember doing it. I’d already given my virginity to him and I wasn’t a quitter.

My parents were inside and it was a regular day outside. We were in a real relationship and real relationships take work.

Teens who experience violence in dating relationships are more likely to suffer from domestic abuse as an adult, according to a new study from the University of Calgary.

The study, led by Faculty of Social Work researcher Deinera Exner-Cortens and published in the Exner-Cortens says her study serves as a wake-up call that dating violence amongst teens needs to be taken more seriously.“When I talk to adolescents, they may not recognize that what they’re experiencing is dating violence,” Exner-Cortens said.