Sedating children for travel

10 May

And before you all get started on why I choose to drag my offspring to far-flung corners of the Earth, let me explain that they have a grandfather in Fiji (a 28-hour flight) and a grandmother in Canada (an 11-hour flight). So ever since that first overseas flight with Flo, I have clutched my bottle of over-the-counter antihistamine tighter than my passport.Indeed, it is the first item to go in my flight bag, ahead of toothbrushes and teddy bears. You can call me selfish, irresponsible and foolhardy.To sedate or not to sedate infants for air travel, that is an oft-raised question.

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Who would have thought that for many people, this simple decision to sedate my daughter with an antihistamine was a dangerous abuse of my parental power?

Or is it more virtuous to sedate infants, perchance they’ll sleep, and endure the thousand humiliations that parental guilt is capable of self-inflicting?

One way NOT to handle crying infants during air travel occurred on an Amsterdam to Detroit flight.

The other issue is that at any time you give it to your child, instead of sedating, it can suddenly create a reaction of hyperactivity. We have flown to Panama with little ones and never used anything.

We try to keep to our usual schedules of napping and sleeping, if you are still nursing, try to nurse during take-off and landing to keep your daughter calm and help her ears. Bring toys and distractions and plan on a lot of play and no sleep for you.