Right wing dating uk

03 Mar

The conservative nature of the website appears to start and end at actual politics, with a same-sex coupling option and a wide-range of religious identities available to build your profile.

That being said, searches for atheists, same-sex preferences or people of colour netted few results.

Yet I’m certain that there are still large numbers of students who are at least sympathetic to my opinions.

I like the monarchy, and I don’t think Margaret Thatcher was the devil incarnate.

Studies have shown that we are instinctively drawn to would-be spouses with political views similar to our own, but that doesn't mean political odd couples can't be successful.After all, left-wing men are not supposed to sleep with such women.(We’re meant to find their political convictions too repulsive for that sort of thing.) But politics is rooted in tribalism and dark emotions, as much as reason.Britain’s young people are now more right-wing and authoritarian in their political outlook than the previous generation, undermining the prevailing view that younger people tend to be more progressive in attitude.Research using British Social Attitudes Survey data taken from 1985-2012, found greater appetite among young people for right-wing policy-making on issues including wealth redistribution, welfare and crime.