Polish dating luton

21 Feb

I never let my daughter speak Polish outside anymore and don't let my son wear his Polski top which he loves."Now Bedfordshire Police is working with the Polish community to tackle hate crime.

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Mc Culloch, 28, from Bletchley, Milton Keynes, was jailed for six years and Khan, 30, from Bedford, for three, after both admitted previously to conspiracy to commit burglaries.

The victim, known as John, was found in the attic bedroom of a house he was renovating in Dewhurst Road, West Kensington, London, in October.

The court heard he was bludgeoned to death by three Polish builders who later fled the country.

He was obviously taken by surprise, the range and extent of his injuries being far beyond anything required merely to subdue him, which suggests a beating to get him to reveal where his money was before he was finally finished off."The prosecutor said Mr Saunderson-Smith was in the habit of storing vast quantities of cash at his home, the bulk of which was in the ceiling above his loft bedroom.

He said the developer preferred to use Polish builders because they were cheaper and he could pay them in cash from a bag of around £1,000 on Fridays.