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13 May

Studies show that sex workers in Denmark are violated or threatened by customers about 31 percent of the time while working the streets compared to only three percent in brothels, according to the Danish National Centre for Social Research.For while prostitution is legal in Denmark, it is illegal to profit from other people selling sex, such as pimping, or to rent rooms to sex workers, which means prostitutes can end up having sex in places like parks, alleyways, behind parked cars and telephone booths.Plentyoffish Media ULC (“Plentyoffish”) is the exclusive owner and operator of and (the “Website”).

Thank you for reading 10 free articles on our site.It could damage your future career prospects or relationships.‘Sexting’ is sending nude, sexual or indecent photos (or 'selfies') using a computer, mobile phone or other mobile device.From 2 November 2014 it is also an offence to send a sext message of an adult (18 or over) to others if they do not agree to the image being distributed.The maximum penalty for this offence is two years jail.