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19 Feb

is a 1989 American romantic comedy film written by Nora Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner.It stars Billy Crystal as Harry and Meg Ryan as Sally.See more » : I was sitting with my friend Arthur Kornblum, in a restaurant, it was a Horn and Hardart cafeteria. And it's over fifty years later and we are still married.And this beautiful girl walked in and I turned to Arthur and I said Arthur, you see that girl? See more » "When Harry Met Sally" may not at first seem to be the kind of film that remains classic and timeless.Crystal then joked about the politician's efforts to rid Central Park of horse-drawn carriages, saying that Harry walked into his office one day and said, "I just stepped in the biggest pile of horses--t. " that many of Harry and Sally's scenes were based on things he and Reiner did, like calling each other up in the middle of the night and telling the other one to watch a movie on a certain TV channel.

They also imagined their characters' futures, with both actors agreeing that Harry would still be a political consultant, working for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio." and advances many ideas about relationships that became household concepts, such as "high-maintenance" The origins of the film were derived from Reiner's return to single life after a divorce.An interview Ephron conducted with Reiner provided the basis for Harry. Crystal came on board and made his own contributions to the screenplay, making Harry funnier.Harry and Sally meet when she gives him a ride to New York after they both graduate from the University of Chicago.The film jumps through their lives as they both search for love, but fail, bumping into each other time and time again.