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22 Mar

Arguments against Carbon Dioxide Driving Global Warming In his presentation Al Gore argues that the correlation between earth's average global temperature and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere irrefutably demonstrates that carbon dioxide drives global warming.

For example, the red curve shows the results obtained by Moberg et al, The average temperature in the "handle" of the hockey stick over the period from about 1000 to 1850 A. remains relatively uniform, followed by a sudden rise in the "blade" since 1850, supposedly following the recent increase in carbon dioxide.limestones), huge quantities of atmospheric carbon dioxide end up locked away for a very, very long time.The process begins when CO (or carbonic acid - the old name for carbon dioxide was carbonic acid gas) Rainwater containing carbonic acid is able to react with most minerals at varying rates according to their chemical stability.The effects of burning more and more dirty fossil fuels are well known, but worth reiterating.From an increase in devastating flooding in Britain, to wildfires in Indonesia and more hurricanes hitting the Caribbean – climate change affects everyone’s lives, but hits the most vulnerable communities hardest.