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16 Mar

Think back to when you fell in love for the very first time. For me, it was freshman year and her name was Carolina. We dated all through our freshman year and into 10th grade. I even danced with her a few times—I was known to cut a rug or two back in the day. I lived for those few moments spent in her presence. I played on the team and she danced with the pommers. At school, I counted the minutes until that bell rang so I could see her between classes. Her mom even gave me a nick name—Lionel Joseph (from Trading Places).

They are right in doing so because the Bible teaches sexual relations between a man and a woman are reserved for marriage.

Parents generally want you to enjoy life and have a great time. State and identify who that third party person would be. State places where you will NOT go when you are dating. Teens should understand that to date is not a right but a privilege granted by your parents.

The key to gaining your parents trust is to be responsible, honest and have integrity. In other words, you must EARN the privilege to date and be responsible to yourself and your parents. Some areas of responsibilities to consider (school attendance, grades, completion of school work/home work and so forth), behavior towards parents, behavior towards others in authority over you, household work/chores and so forth).

I think the best way to illustrate the cruelty of so-called “Christian dating” is with a story.

Jonathan was a young Christian man raised in a conservative Baptist Church.