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30 Mar

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation involves using a child for sexual purposes.

Examples of child sexual abuse include fondling, inviting a child to touch or be touched sexually, intercourse, rape, incest, sodomy, exhibitionism, or involving a child in prostitution or pornography (Department of Justice Canada, 2005a).

In 2011, Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence, was engaged by the Government of Alberta to bring forward research in prevention science and contribute to the redesign of their family violence prevention framework: A significant portion of the content within the Framework is based upon research conducted by Lana Wells, the Brenda Strafford Chair at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary along with Janay Ferguson, Elizabeth Dozois, Caroline Claussen, Liza Lorenzetti, Casey Boodt, Merrill Cooper and Elena Esina.

The strategies are rooted in evidence and incorporate primary prevention approaches to move “upstream” and prevent violence from happening in the first place.

Though enjoyable, these honeymoon-like periods of remorse don't last long because your partner is an emotionally disturbed person attempting to act normally.

The Fourth R is a group of researchers and professionals dedicated to promoting healthy adolescent relationships and reducing risk behaviours.

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Violence does NOT usually occur because of a lack of caring. Learn a healthier way to share the worries, anger and joy of being a family.: Child sexual abuse is when someone bigger or older looks at or touches the private parts of a child’s body for no good reason or when someone bigger or older asks a child to look at or touch their private parts.It is also not okay for someone bigger or older to show a child pictures, magazines, videos, or websites of people not wearing any clothes or people doing sexual things.The Rocky Mountains form the southern portion of Alberta's western boundary with British Columbia.Physiography, climate, soil and vegetation combine to create four biophysical regions within Alberta.