Dating a swimmer

01 Apr

22-"Because of certain physiological changes in hormone producing metabolic pathways during aerobic and anaerobic exercise; swimmers are the most sexually active athletes." -Time Magazine 23-"Swimmers make great lovers because of their strong hip flexors and abdominal muscles that give then great stamina in bed.

- Play Boy Magazine 24-No matter how tired we get, we can always keep going.

You view the sport a lot differently now, with a new respect for swimmers and their grind. If seconds aren’t your thing, they’re definitely ours. It can be annoying at first, but you don’t hate it. Shortly after Bryana Cielo’s birth, she developed her love of water at her family beach house–and hasn’t stopped since.

Either way, you’ve come to like the simple, athletic look. If you’ve had no prior experience with swimming, you probably have learned that swimming is a lot more difficult than you expected. You can’t resist a hug from your swimmer, even when they’re dripping wet, straight out of the pool from a race. They probably want to lay down, watch Netflix, and eat for 5 hours, so if you want to see them, you should be prepared for sweatpants and blankets. And if you play your cards right, we’ll be dedicated, loyal, and totally in love with you, too.

4- we do it fast or slow 5 - we do it 4 different ways 6 - no matter how tired we get we always keep going 7 - we do it in cold or in rain 8 - we do it in water 9- we're always ready to go fast 10- it wont take long to get us undressed 11- we have excellent endurance and stamina 12- we don't mind when it gets a lil rough 13-we not afraid to show our breast or fly 14-we always have ruber on us 15-we have the best bodies of any other athletes 16-You got a full ass shot on the starts.

17-It's okay to moon people in the Locker Room.

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Our Swimmer members not only love to the water and the freedom and sport of swimming including breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly, but actively seek the type of friendship, dating, and romance that creates lasting and meaningful relationships. The classic swimmer bun could be the direct result of a quick shower after practice or the just-came-from-practice look. We are immune to the smell of it, and after being around us long enough, you probably won’t even smell it anymore. We’re dedicated, loyal, and totally in love with our sport. You’ve come to expect your significant other to have wet hair when you see them. You could easily have a 15 minute conversation about times and strokes because you know what’s up.The unique chemistry which sparks deep connections between people is not a science, it's a process of discovery, a journey, and an awesome adventure.So let your adventure begin today by connecting with your true match right here at Swimmer, the leading Swimmer dating site online. At Swimmer, you can search and find countless Swimmer singles. Your Swimmer soulmate could be right next door or around the corner.