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06 May

The rocky coastline is dotted with pretty fishing villages, crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, which are all perfect to explore.

This holiday provides spectacular, yet relaxed walking and is perfect for people wanting to fit as much as possible into a short holiday.

He lives with his dad who lets him go over there and spend the night even though the courts have said NO.

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This is a wonderful region for bird and plant life.

She lives in a rent free apartment with her drugie boyfriend, gets food stamps and doesnt keep a job for more than 2 months at a time if she works at all. Why doesnt she have to be drug tested to receive these programs?? However, it sounds like you have done all you can in not supporting her financially and refusing to enable her in any way.

I have to, to keep my job, no wonder she doesnt change. I know you have been through a lot already, but I have two suggestions that might help relieve some of the stress you are currently experiencing.

In the end, when we continue to ‘go back’, the hardest thing will actually be to stop bearing a grudge against ourselves.

When the anger, blame, shame and resentment dictates and we can’t shake it off because we’re caught between a rock and a hard place that on one hand says, ‘For fecks sake!