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24 May

Voko noted that girls in Albania are not seen as an economic burden and that religion does not play a role, as in countries such as India, where the practice has been well documented.“In India families have to pay expensive dowries to marry off girls, or only men can carry out certain religious rituals, which is not the case in Albania.” Although the release of the study has focused some public debate on the issue in Albania, health authorities deny any evidence of the problem.The government continues to track and analyze trafficking trends through a nationwide database.Bill of Rights and Responsibilities The purpose of this Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is to help enable and empower members to act on their own behalf and in partnership with their providers to obtain the best possible care and treatment.A close friend gave her shelter — but then explained she would have to earn her keep, by working as a prostitute.A tall brunette with big black eyes, full lips and a seductive girlish smile, Pamela sold her body in different cities and towns — in Tirana, Durres, Vlora and Saranda.The Government of Albania is making significant efforts to combat trafficking.The government has improved its capacity to identify, protect, and reintegrate trafficking victims.

“Because the sex ratio at birth is a bit above the normal trend, this brought forth the hypothesis that such abortion are carried out.” Nonetheless, Pipero said that due to the sensitivity of the issue the .Albanian victims are subjected to conditions of forced labor and sex trafficking within Albania and Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Western Europe.Approximately half of the victims referred for care within the country in 2009 were Albanian; these were primarily women and girls subjected to conditions of forced prostitution in hotels and private residences in Tirana, Durres, and Vlora.It has also successfully prosecuted some sex trafficking offenders, imposing significant penalties.In March 2009, the government approved an amendment to the Social Assistance law which will provide victims of trafficking with the same social benefits accorded to other at-risk groups in Albania and provide government funding for shelters.