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21 May

Click the menu icon and select “Take a Webcam Picture” (you might need to grant us permission to use your camera).CNA believes that the Speaking Exchange is a project in which everybody wins.

When you see the right name, click it and start your chat. When chatting, click the paper clip icon (or on AIM for Mac or Windows, click the menu icon and select “Share a File” Select the file you’d like to send. You can even take a photo with your webcam and send it instantly.You can now post old content to your Snapchat Story.That’s just one of the sweeping consequences of Snapchat’s new feature “Memories”.Yet by allowing you to modify previously shot content and add it to your story with a white border that signifies it’s a memory, Snapchat lets you share later and stay in the now Capture now, live, then share later.Snapchat tells me it set out to create the most human camera, and making the camera roll come alive was the obvious next step.